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We are a full-service expatriate-foreigner housing and lifestyle consulting firm. Our core expertise is matching the expatriate’s housing needs with the available high-end housing rental stock across Shenzhen in the Shekou, Nanshan, Futian, and Luohu Districts – with premier properties in each area. We recommend each expatriate to carefully consider several factors in maximizing the value of their rental and life experience in Shenzhen. Let’s talk more to understand your needs! Our management is thoroughly familiar with all of Shenzhen’s entertainment, shopping, grocery, and outdoor venues, specifically in regard to the taste and interest of foreigners. We’re certainly the best at quickly finding the right housing and acclimating our clients to the Shenzhen rhythm and lifestyle. We offer many housing options.

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Contact us: Please call us directly at 2394-9936 or via email


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If you like, you can search for available houses. It’s best however if you call us and make an appointment and we’ll show houses to meet your needs.

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Optional: create a profile online by telling us about yourself and the type of home you seek. Optionally, you can call us and do this over the phone.


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                      Shenzhen rent                                                          Shenzhen house                                      Shenzhen rental                                           Shenzhen apartment
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                     futian apartment                                                            futian rent                                             nanshan apartment                                           nanshan house